Cook A Mouthwatering KC Strip At Home

Published: 15th July 2010
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How To Cook A Perfect KC Strip!

Steak selection is the most critical part of cooking the perfect mouthwatering KC Strip!
First, let's look at your cut of meat starting with the thickness of the KC Strip. If you prefer to eat your steak Med-Rare or Rare then you want to buy a thicker cut which will give you a wonderful red center. On the other hand, if you prefer to eat your steak Med-Well or Well you will want to purchase a thinner cut KC Strip. Therefore, if you prefer your steak Med-Well to Well and purchase
a thick cut KC Strip you will have to cook the steak too long causing it to be very tough to chew.

Now it's time to season the KC Strip. I recommend 3/4 teaspoon of Montreal Seasoning per steak! Place one side of the KC Strip down into the seasoning. Flip your steak and season the other side.

Next, heat your frying surface to 350 degrees. Put a teaspoon of lemon
butter on the surface and allow a few seconds for the butter to melt. Then put your steak on top of the lemon butter and seared it on both sides. This seals in the juices which is very important for a juicy steak.

Now I enjoy cooking for my friends so I know how each of them like their Steaks cooked. Example: Aaron Parkinson like his Steak Rare with a Cold Red Center and for a Rare KC Strip, turn after 1 minute. Then grill 1 minute on the other side and the steak should be ready.

Aaron Rashkin enjoys his steak Med-Rare which is a Cool Red Center and
for a Med-Rare filet, grill it about 3 minutes per side. Now this depends on the size of your KC Strip so use your best judgement.

I, Scott Peterson like my Steak Medium which is Pink Throughout, and
for a Med cooked filet turn the steak every two minutes, cooking it approximately 8 minutes depending upon the size and thickness of the KC Strip.

Jay Kubassek is a Med-Well Steak eater which has just a Trace of Pink and for a Med-Well KC Strip with just a trace of pink turn your steak every two minutes and cook it for approximately 10 minutes. Again this depends on the size of your KC Strip, use your best judgement.

And last is the Well done steaks, which is how my wife Rube enjoys hers. For those of you who do not want any pink at all, cook the steak approximately 12 minutes turning every 2 minutes.

After your steak is cook to the desired temperature remove it from the grill, place it on the serving plate, and drizzle 1/2 teaspoon of lemon butter on top allowing the butter to drip over the sides.

All you have to do is carbon copy the procedures above and you now have a wonderful tender, juicy steak! It doesn't matter whether you prefer Rare or Well done your steak will be mouth watering!

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